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Uniface Announces Bloor Research eBook, Uniface: A Low-Code Development Disruptor

analyst_ebook_image2Uniface, a leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprises, software integrators and ISVs, today announced the release of a new Bloor Research eBook titled Uniface: A Low-Code Development Disruptor: A Modern Visual Development Platform with Provenance.

In the eBook, writer David Norfolk, practice leader for development and governance at Bloor, cites Forrester’s Q4 2015 Global Low-Code Platforms Vendor Landscape Online Survey, which suggests low-code platforms will reach in excess of $15B by 2020. “This is why the market for ‘low-code’ application development is so buoyant and why it is disrupting conventional coding – we are, in the early 21st century, at an inflection-point for the business – and technology has to follow suit or become increasingly irrelevant,” Norfolk writes.

The 15-page eBook, available for download here, outlines how companies can take advantage of the global low-code trend by using Uniface to productively build software solutions and get them to market quicker.

A brief history of Uniface and visualization of the product’s 30-plus-year evolution is also provided, as is a snapshot of the company today. The eBook also illustrates how the Uniface product enables businesses to keep pace with the ever-changing technology landscape.

Finally, the eBook paints a picture of the future for Uniface, which includes a vision that plans for success by a focus on Cloud deployment and PaaS, mobility and a Community Edition.

About Uniface

Uniface is a leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprise businesses, software integrators and ISVs.

Headquartered in the Netherlands with U.S. offices in Detroit, Uniface serves clients around the world both directly and through a network of closely vetted, highly skilled partners. Our technology helps companies quickly and efficiently adapt to changing user behavior and preferences, leverage new technologies, adopt more effective development and deployment methodologies, and get the most out of their workforce talent.

For more information about Uniface, visit Uniface.com or follow the company on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and G+.