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Analyst Reports

The Market Realities of Digital Transformation

One of the biggest trends in the market today is Digital Transformation. Therefore, it is surprising how little clarity there is to what the term specifically means.

Uniface Development Platform version 10

Uniface v10 introduces a radically new user experience for users of the product, which now aims to compete with any other enterprise-strength IDE (Interactive Development Environment).

Uniface 9.7: Classic Uniface for existing Uniface users, & more…

This document is intended for managers and Uniface users in existing Uniface customer organisations, who understand Uniface 9 and are planning their future with Uniface. It will be of value to Uniface technicians too, but is not intended as a technical manual.

Uniface for High Productivity Mobile Development

Uniface is taking an evolutionary approach to its target of a first-class mobile development platform. The Uniface Mobile Offering includes new mobile development features and Web enhancements.

CIC Commentary: Quantifying Uniface developer productivity in an era of technology change

This report specifically looks at the productivity gains achieved through the Uniface platform compared to the more common approach of using various frameworks, languages and paradigms to build complex applications.

CIC Vendor Spotlight: Uniface 2015

In this spotlight, we take a look at the recent history of Uniface, along with its partner, product and customer story going forward.