Microservices: delivering scalable and stable applications

Do you already benefit from the flexibility microservices offer? They enable you to build not only stable, but also scalable applications. Together with the Uniface framework, it is easy to get started right away with microservices. Find out what you need to know in our whitepaper.

Whitepaper Microservices
Whitepaper Microservices

Microservices and Uniface: the ultimate combination

Microservices offer an effective way to break up your application in order to make them independent and easier to scale. This way, your application can meet the big scale needs of modern businesses these days. Microservices enable you to deliver applications which are not only scalable, but also stable. They offer the infrastructure in which you can deliver applications which last.


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Why Uniface?

Time saving

Low code development removes complexity from building great modern business apps. This frees up time to spend on other high-value tasks


With deployment on mobile, in the cloud or on-premise, Uniface fits seamlessly into any IT or database infrastructure.

Easy to learn.

Free online resources like our online learning environment. Try Uniface with our free full Community Edition.

Learning and working with Uniface

Learning Uniface is easy with the free eLearning environment. For beginning developers to professionals, boost your skills with just a few clicks. Have a question regarding application development? No Problem, just go to our Uniface community website to reach out to fellow Uniface developers.

Want to try out Uniface for free? Activate our Community Edition in just three steps and get started right away!
If you are looking for standard solutions, maybe our Github page can help you out.

We'll show you how easy it is to build fun stuff with Uniface! Check out this 5 minute video on AI.

Our customer succes stories

Listen to our customers who chose Uniface and never looked back. From startups to established enterprises our low-code solutions works for every organisation and any goal in a wide variety of industries.