Uniface Universe 2020

You can watch the recordings of Uniface Universe right here!

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Plenary session part I

The new Uniface, by Deniz Yugnuk.

Uniface eLearning, by Jason Huggins.

The Uniface roadmap, by Michael Taylor.

Parallel session: What's new?

Connecting to the Developer Community, by Gerton Leijdekker and Jonke Korzelius.

Connecting to the Web Community, by Gerton Leijdekker and Jyoti Singh.

Parallel session: Security

JSON Webtokens, by Peter Lammersma.

Secure Network Communications, by Jasson Huggins.

Parallel session: Cloud

Uniface and Docker Contains, by Allard van Berkel and Jorge Núñez Orellana

Parallel session: Uniface Projects

Uniface Team Development, by Peter Lammersma.

Uniface & AI, by Jason Huggins.

Plenary session part II

Seacrew reference video, by Eugène Kraan, sr. software engineer at Seacrew.

Interview: Michael Taylor on Microservices, by Dennis Gandasoerbrata.

See you again on our next trip to Uniface Universe.!