Uniface Universe 2021H1 series

This Uniface Universe webinar series updates you on the latest developments in Uniface, introduces Rocket Software, and presents some nice trends for developers.

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Uniface Universe: Uniface Roadmap & 10.4 release

Michael Taylor, product manager Uniface, presented the Uniface Roadmap for 2021 and explained everything you want to know about the 10.4 release. You can find the recording of the webinar further down this page.

June 10th 15.00h CET - Rocket Software and Microservices

A webinar on the acquisition by Rocket Software combined with Uniface Microservices in Docker, an interactive session from the Uniface Lab.

July 1st 15.00h CET - Mobile apps

In this webinar, Hellenic Zeus will present how they built a mobile app with Uniface and Jason Huggins will present Mobile app deployment with Uniface.

Online Pizza Sessions

You have all heard of the famous Uniface Pizza Sessions! Normally these are physical workshops at our Amsterdam office, deep-diving into a specific topic. Due to Corona, we will organize online Pizza Sessions starting in 2021Q3. More information on the topics and times will come soon.

Webinar recordings

Uniface Roadmap & 10.4 release

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