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Cortis Lentini

Cortis Lentini has carved out an enviable position in Italy’s ERP market thanks to its Uniface-built solution, Esperia.

An ERP leader that works hard to maintain its position

In business since 1978, Cortis Lentini s.r.l. is an acknowledged leader in the supply of ERP solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) all over Italy. It has recently joined forces with Cortis Lentini Consulting to form Cortis Lentini Group, which aims to be an ideal partner for technology and application consulting services, and to implement the best and most appropriate enabling technologies for each client’s business model.

The Group’s areas of focus are Enterprise Resource Planning, Innovative Infrastructure, Business Intelligence & Big Data, Customer Relationship Management, Document Management, and Social, Portal & Collaboration. Cortis Lentini Group has 60 employees and has offices in Milan, Bergamo, Rome and Saronno.

Cortis Lentini delivers open solutions that can be integrated with proprietary ones. It prides itself on listening to customers’ needs and then translating them into solutions, and has a department dedicated to doing just this.

Choosing Uniface as a development environment

Cortis Lentini chose Uniface when it first started developing its flagship ERP application. This application, Esperia, has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Cortis Lentini’s flagship ERP application Esperia

Cortis Lentini’s flagship ERP application Esperia

Cortis Lentini has 140 customer organizations across a range of sectors, from SMEs with just five concurrent users to significant enterprises with 200 users. Well-known Italian customers include Rinascente, Valtellina, Irca, Prodeflon, Fondmetal, Lamina and Terra Moretti Holding.

The company uses Uniface to provide custom software and to create interfaces to external applications. Customers choose and stay with Esperia because Cortis Lentini has consistently delivered a great user experience throughout the product’s history, continually growing the library of functionality available to a point where it can meet virtually any business requirement. Cortis Lentini continues to ensure that the functionality evolves to meet today’s requirements.

Esperia’s benefits for customers include:

  • Ability to constantly monitor sales performance through statistics that compare various sales periods (for example, compare yesterday’s sales with the same day in previous weeks)
  • Enter orders quickly, even if there are thousands of products with complex characteristics (different combinations of size and color)
  • Stock entry via special handheld devices
  • Most reporting carried out overnight to avoid unnecessary waiting for users
  • Data acquisition via electronic data interchange (e.g. for new registry items or delivery notes).

Examples of how Uniface delivers value to Esperia customers

  • For one food manufacturer, Cortis Lentini has interfaced Esperia to internally delivered production systems. This automates importing of online orders, aspects of logistics, and communication with government (e.g. electronic transmission of information about alcohol, sugar and milk content via web services).
  • With a major publishing group, customized software supports creation, visualization, modification and cancellation of special data sheets that are crucial to the whole process of planning and producing books.
  • Cortis Lentini has undertaken a four-year project to create a solution for managing stores in line with customer-specific procedures for a leading operator of high-end department stores.
  • For a customer producing and storing lubricating oils, custom interfaces handle input of orders and generation of transportation documents.
  • An international manufacturer of alloy rims uses customized Esperia software to control the entire production process, including machining, warehouse management, processing of production waste, and recovery of non-optimal machining outputs. Here Esperia has been extended with additional Uniface functionality to work with various machinereadable labels and handheld devices.

Benefits of working with Uniface

Cortis Lentini is committed to working with Uniface as its main development tool for satisfying all its customers’ requirements, and there are many reasons for continuing to work with Uniface.

Productivity. Thanks to Uniface’s productivity, Esperia – a large and functionally complex product – can be maintained and continually enhanced by just seven Uniface developers, plus two R&D staff and three project managers. Paolo Morlotti, Senior Consultant in Cortis Lentini, says, “Uniface is a high-performance environment that allows very rapid program development compared with other languages.”

The constant and fruitful cooperation between our company and Uniface, and ongoing releases of new features, allows us to be competitive even when our market is in continuous evolution.”

– Paolo Morlotti
Senior Consultant, Cortis Lentini

Agility. Morlotti says, “Uniface helps us and our customers to adapt quickly and efficiently to changing market conditions, and to users’ shifting behaviors and preferences.” The team has been able to create a wide range of solutions for customers and, over time, incorporate many of these into the standard product.

Sustainability. Uniface has helped Cortis Lentini design Esperia in such a way that product upgrades and customizations are compatible with each subsequent release of the standard version.

Integration. Esperia has been integrated with many other products, including industry-specific application packages, standard office software, and customers’ own programs. A range of techniques has been used, from Microsoft COM interfaces to file exchanges and web services. This makes it possible to create effective interfaces to many technologies.

A partnership that’s constantly renewed

Over the years that it has been working with the Uniface platform, Cortis Lentini has forged a strong partnership with the company behind the Uniface technology.

Cortis Lentini is committed to remaining a strategic Uniface partner in Italy, and to making the most of Uniface’s latest features. A strong focus at present is implementation of a web and mobile capability for Esperia, which is predominantly used in client/server mode.

Cortis Lentini also relies on Uniface to keep the product updated through patches and new releases. “The constant and fruitful cooperation between our company and Uniface, and ongoing releases of new features, allows us to be competitive even though our market is in continuous evolution,” says Paolo Morlotti.