Hascom | Uniface


The power of Uniface helps Mexican IT services innovator Hascom to reach demanding customer service goals.

An introduction to Hascom

Hascom was founded in June 2000 by four partners who, after several years of working for other IT companies, decided to use their expertise in advising, consulting and development to launch their own company.

The company is dedicated to every aspect of systems development, from information gathering to analysis. Its main objective is to assist its clients in realizing their potential and optimizing their resources through high-quality, easy-to-use tools and services powered by Hascom’s own technology. It integrates systems, designs and develops applications, and manages projects.

“Uniface has always helped us to reach our customer service goals. At Hascom, we are completely convinced that it is the most powerful tool on the market today. I fully trust this platform; it helps us to develop solutions very quickly.”

– Arturo Alegría,
Hascom partner and director

Since the company’s launch, the common element uniting all its products and services has been Uniface. Managed by professionals with proven experience in the software industry, Hascom regards information technology as its raw material; its main activities are innovation and ongoing research into new technologies.

As a multi-sector company, Hascom has a client base that includes companies from the automotive industry and other industrial sectors, as well as finance and government organizations. Hascom solutions enable clients to control all their company data, their production lines, their human resources, and so on, with the ease and reliability provided by the Uniface environment – the only environment that Hascom has used since its launch. The quality of Hascom’s service, together with the follow-up that it provides to ensure that its solution fully satisfies the business’s needs, has earned it the client loyalty that is a key to its success.

The company has people qualified to design and implement solutions adapted to the needs of its clients, and also to support organizational decision-making. “The objective is to keep clients at the cutting edge of technology with information that is flexible and appropriate, and at the same time protects them from risk. We aim to respond to their requests and needs with the utmost speed and reliability,” says Arturo Alegría, Hascom partner and director.

Methodologies and applications

Hascom is happy to work with its clients’ various platforms – mostly a mixture of Windows and Unix – and databases, helping with updates and migrations. It integrates its software – always tailored to the needs of each company and always developed in the Uniface environment – with the client’s own selection of tools. The resulting solution is then embedded into the business. “With this way of working, we’ve generated trust and solid partnerships. And trust is a key to success,” notes Alegría.

Easy Budget

One of Hascom’s most successful applications is Easy Budget, an administrative tool that supports efficient management of an organization’s financial resources. It includes review processes, with authorization and control to ensure budgets are used by business operations in a reasonable manner and in accordance with plans.

“We’re more than a development factory. We’re also advisors to our clients, helping them bring their projects to fruition.”

– Arturo Alegría,
Hascom partner and director

“Easy Budget is our flagship tool at present,” says Alegría. “It meets all our clients’ financial and administrative needs: expenses, payments, accounts. As with almost all our solutions, Easy Budget is developed for corporate organizations, regardless of their size or type of activity.” This is a mission-critical, transactional application. It processes all of a company’s financial activities, from treasury to payroll. It is versatile and flexible, even permitting the user to add extra data fields to the system without the need for external help.


Easy Budget can support more than 5,000 daily transactions, 350 concurrent users, and between 1,500 and 2,000 incidents per day, all without any performance degradation, breakdowns or delays. Alegría says, “We have performed tests with very large transaction volumes. We always boast that we can work with any organization, and the application has measured up to that claim.”


Easy Budget has approximately 900 components including services, reports and forms. However, it has a small footprint, requiring only a gigabyte of disk space, and is easy to install. It is highly scalable and can be adapted to and integrated with various tools as well as ERP systems, and applications for inventory, human resources, finance, administration, monitoring and distribution. Technologies it can integrate with include SAP, Oracle, .NET, Java and web services.

“It wouldn’t be ethical to force our clients to get rid of their previous applications in favor of our tools,” says Alegría. “As far as possible, we implement our solution within the set-up that they already have. We have even integrated it into client-developed accounting systems without any problem. The flexibility and reliability of Uniface has made it the ideal platform for achieving this – we’ve never had a change request that has caused significant difficulty.”

Reaping productivity benefits

Hascom demonstrates a high level of commitment to each client, not only during the process of integrating a new solution, but also when rolling it out to users, and during maintenance and subsequent development.

“The flexibility and reliability of Uniface has made it the ideal platform for integrating with existing applications – we’ve never had a change request that has caused significant difficulty.”

– Arturo Alegría,
Hascom partner and director

As a general rule, technology advances more quickly than clients can migrate. Hascom works to facilitate updates and changes that its clients need in an agile manner, deploying them within a short timeframe and without disruption to business as usual. Alegría explains, “Uniface’s speed of development, its ability to adapt to any existing infrastructure, and its high level of productivity allow us to implement new modules in a quick and systematic way, so that clients receive a very rapid and effective response.”

He continues, “Uniface has always helped us to reach our customer service goals. At Hascom, we are completely convinced that it is the most powerful tool on the market today. I fully trust this platform; it helps us to develop solutions very quickly.”

Relationship with Uniface

For Hascom, the support of Uniface – together with the contractual benefits of being a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) – is one of its most valuable business assets. “Uniface enables us to offer robust, reliable and quick-todevelop products, and to provide dependable and appropriate solutions to all our clients. For us, our agreement with Uniface is a strategic partnership with benefits for both parties; it’s a ‘win-win’ relationship,” says Alegría.

Hascom’s plans are to continue researching new applications and developing existing ones, thereby allowing the business to grow and innovate. It will keep striving to stay one step ahead of technology trends in order to be more competitive. It also aims to enter new business niches in areas such as the automotive industry. Arturo Alegría says, “Already we are integrating electronics into our products with the help of Uniface, and that has allowed us to work with manufacturers and develop applications for their production lines.”