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Founded in 1896, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, LTD. is one of the biggest heavy industries company in Japan.

They manufacture motorcycles, ships, trains, aerospace, industrial machineries and so on. The company consists of seven major segments and has worldwide business operations.

Customer Overview

KawasakiTheir Robot Division is in the Precision Machinery Company segment. The robots manufactured are mostly used in the automobile industry, which is one of Japan’s major industries, and in addition to various other manufacturing industries. The robots contribute to improvement of productivity and product quality along manufacturing and assembly lines.

Kawasaki needed a flexible solution to develop its mission-critical production management application. In the competitive and fast changing world of the industrial robot market, it was vital to be able to react to change quickly in order to follow changing business requirements

Why Uniface?

After a thorough search and not finding a suitable packed app in the market, Kawasaki quickly realized that they would need to develop a custom production management system. As they looked into and compared functionality of several development platforms, they determined Uniface was the best solution.

With high productivity and ease of implementing change, Uniface makes it easy to follow the changes of the industrious robot business market.”

– Mr. Yasushi Kurosawa, Manager, Information System Section

Unlike the popular language of the time (Visual Basic), with Uniface they were able to employ a data focused development style (Model driven). This was important to them so that once their application was built, they would be able to make changes to their application with mini al work, which lead to high productivity.

Another reason that Kawasaki chose to go with Uniface was that it was easy to learn and use by its development team. When the Uniface was implemented, six members of the development team were able to learn the product during a three-day training session offered by Uniface Japan. Two additional members learned Uniface “on the job,” and by being mentored by the other developers.

Key Benefits of Uniface

Because of the high productivity of Uniface, we are able to answer the end users’ requests far more rapidly, with flexibility and at realistic costs compared to other packaged software.”

– Mr. Yasushi Kurosawa, Manager, Information System Section

Today, Kawasaki’s production management Uniface application remains mission-critical in the manufacturing process of their robots and must be available 24/7. Responding to the demands from endusers and changing the application is also a regular undertaking, but Uniface makes this possible for the team of six developers.

Since the launch of the initial product management application, Kawasaki has also developed a Parts Management System that processes and manages (lists, numbering, parts make-up, etc) of over 620,000 parts. A Packing Export Management System has also been developed and is used for processing the shipping planning, assembly on-site planning and packaging. And by nature of their industry, the development team is continuously working on improving functionality to meet the changing business needs.

Future Projects

Kawasaki’s future plans include deploying their applications on the web and in the Cloud. Says Mr. Yasushi Kurosawa “I am sure when we do develop a system on web environments, or on Cloud, Uniface will be a strong candidate.”