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  • B-Plan Information Systems is a market leading provider of world-class business solutions. It develops, delivers and supports innovative software and services to help it customers manage their organizations more effectively. Since 1993, B-Plan has engaged with organizations to understand their issues and challenges and works with them to deliver solutions that truly make a difference.

    B-Plan’s range of adaptable, cost effective business solutions are capable of transforming business and help forward thinking organizations to embrace change. B-Plan provides leading edge software solutions that address the ever-changing needs and demands of public, private and non-profit sector organizations including enterprise financials, performance and quality management, business intelligence and even, sector specific solutions, such as enterprise banking. B-Plan’s range of services help organizations reduce implementation timescales, lower their cost of ownership, and increase their return on investment.

  • C-Metric is Technology Development, Management Consulting and Back-Office Services Company. Founded in 1995, we continue to deliver innovative business solutions to our clients to help them with automation and excellence in operational efficiency. At C-Metric we offer unique, outsourced software development experience that helps organizations develop and implement high quality information systems solutions, while balancing your need for technology resources and financial control. The services offered by C-Metric highlights the fact that we deliver cost effective yet high quality technological solutions. We play an important role in reducing your technology cost, improving your delivery metrics, all while helping you excel in customer service to your clients with our systems and services solutions.

    • United States

  • Positioning-centric information is changing the way people, businesses and governments work throughout the world. By applying Trimble’s advanced positioning solutions, productivity increases and safety improvements are being realized.

    Though best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, optical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions. Its integrated solutions allow customers to collect, manage and analyze complex information faster and easier, making them more productive, efficient and profitable.

    Trimble products are used in over 150 countries around the world. Employees in more than 35 countries, coupled with a highly capable network of dealers and distribution partners serve and support our customers.

    • United Kingdom

  • IQSYS Information Technology and Consulting Ltd is part of Magyar Telekom’s Corporate Business Division. It is a professional supplier and operator of high-level, complex, full-scale IT solutions. IQSYS’ main activities are the development and implementation of IT solutions, as well as the development of customized operational and analytical applications, the implementation of application packages, systems integration, business consulting and outsourcing services. IQSYS is separated into four business units, which are organized by industry sector – State and public administration; healthcare and education; Industry, trade and public utilities; Telecommunication, Financial providers and consultants.

    • Hungary

  • Centerline TMS, from Robocom, is an advanced enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operations management system for trucking companies that offers complete management and control of business operations (from Order to Cash cycle). Centerline TMS consists of a broad range of integrated modules that can be tailored to the unique ways courier, less-than-load, truckload carriers operate, resulting in improved efficiency, effectiveness, reduced operating costs, and increased profitability. Centerline’s comprehensive suite of tools automates the entire business process and streamlines critical business activities such as: Order Entry, Dispatch (GPS/AVL), Cross-Dock, Rating, Driver Settlement, Accounting and many more.

    • Canada

  • Team Spirit develops and maintains software solutions made to measure for its customers. They are tailored to meet their individual, specialized business requirements. This can either be a new application or client-specific software that is integrated with existing applications. In each case, an efficient, future-oriented solution will be created for its customers. Team Spirit has long-standing experience in software development, as well as extensive know-how in the areas of commerce, business management and information technology in general. For the development of its database-centered information systems it uses Uniface in combination with an Oracle or SQL-Server database. Its software solutions are extremely flexible, multilingual and can easily be configured to meet its customers’ specific needs. Team Spirit continually enhances its WPEV/ATEO software solution, which has been used in Switzerland for many years now. It is developed for customers and is enhanced according to customer requirements.

    • Switzerland

  • CANBERRA, now a part of Mirion Technologies, is a leading provider of innovative and cost-effective nuclear measurement solutions used to maintain safety of personnel, assess the health of nuclear facilities and safeguard the public and the environment. CANBERRA operates production and engineering facilities worldwide. Our dedicated employees are all focused on bringing the very best nuclear technology to your operation.

  • TAKT SYSTEMS contributes to the society of tomorrow with the Technology and Knowledge. Technology means the skills including system integration. Knowledge shows the software which is a collection of knowledge and the wisdom of humans handling it.

  • AHP develops and customizes innovative quality management software for the automotive industry and other demanding customers. AHP has relied on Uniface for a dozen years, developing its iQ-Basis CAQ system (Computer-Aided Quality Assurance) application on this platform to maximize quality and flexibility. The iQ-Basis products support AHP’s customers with a complete set of the quality management tools needed by quality-oriented industries like automotive, construction and electrical equipment. Because of the variety of tasks as well as the enormous complexity of the information to be handled, AHP’s software is highly modular, with multiple special modules for customer-specific solutions, developed in close collaboration with customers. The functionality supports quality across the entire product life cycle ? from design to handling customer complaints and international standardization requirements. AHP is recognized by large companies, such as BOSCH, and many modules of its software are deployed worldwide and industry-wide. In business since 1980, AHP is one of the oldest CAQ providers.

    • Germany

  • ANS has developed applications with Uniface for more than a decade. The ANS Maritime division has used Uniface to build SeaCrew, an extensive application for the maritime industry. The SeaCrew software supports daily crew tasks for ship owners, crew agents, etc. In addition, ANS is a CRM software supplier with a focus on the transportation and logistics, food, and energy sectors. If you are looking for Uniface development experts with experience of numerous platforms and databases, ANS can help.

    • The Netherlands

  • Microsec Ltd. was founded in 1979 in Havant, Hampshire, and is one of the longest-established software development and support companies in the UK. Over the past three decades, they have designed, developed and supported software solutions using practically every technology in mainstream use. They have worked across a range of sectors, including but not limited to finance, utilities, medicine, education, broadcasting.

  • Founded in June 2000, HASCOM is a company that cares about providing the best development services, systems integration, consulting and training in various software tools. The assembly of components is focused on the entire set of information systems, from software as a simple text editing program to implementation of different hardware components; as servers and networks. It is a company that provides programming, development, training, consulting, maintenance, distribution and design procedures, methods and systems for automatic and manual information. It is supported by a team working with the experience of over a decade dedicated to support, consulting, training, and systems integration, allowing you to become aware not only of business but of the people who will serve on it.

    • Mexico

  • For many years EPSILON has focused its efforts and attention on the whole area of fines / penalty management. EPSILON has increased the functionality of its Eps i P o l solution for both stationary and electronic traffic control. Of specific importance is the quality of data management – searching the most efficient structures in order to assure fast, reliable electronic data processing. A new focus takes into consideration the need for statistics and accounting evaluations. And EPSIPOL now offers a corresponding range of appliances and applications.

    • Switzerland

  • Wizrom Software was established in 1992 and is based in Bucharest, Romania. It is considered to be among the top 5 providers of IT solutions for enterprise business applications. Wizrom’s operation consists of sales and distribution for business verticals across retail, production, services, banks, insurance, automotive, as well as providing professional services and consultancy for IT systems. Wizrom Software has recently consolidated its presence and visibility at regional level in the Republic of Moldova and Bulgaria. It is involved in projects with multinational clients in Serbia and Hungary, through the build-up of a local network of partners. Having more than 3,400 active customers with more than 31,000 installed licenses, Wizrom has constantly achieved over 10 percent market share in the last few years. Wizrom develops web and mobile applications, provides software expertise and services for traditional ERP, CRM and BI applications and it also offers Cloud and SaaS to the Romanian market. Wizrom Software provides its customers with ‘smart systems’ that integrates, automates and optimizes business processes. They represent other organizations in their market, as well as Uniface, like: Oracle, Panorama Software, UPS Logistics Technologies and IBM.

    • Romania

  • Cover Intermedia Verlagssoftware is an independent software company specializing in client/server software solutions for publishers, as well as direct marketing applications. The range of services offered includes: consultancy, project management, organization, data modeling, programming, installation, training, as well as software maintenance and development of customized added extras. The software products are offered under the name COVER. Intermedia offers COVER to publishing houses including technical journals and special interest houses.

    • Germany