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  • Founded in 1983 as a privately held company, ComSpec International Inc. is a quality provider of business applications to Fortune 1,000 companies. It provides a full range of services from defining user requirements to design, implementation and maintenance support. Developed by ComSpec, the EMPOWER Student Information System is a fully integrated administration software suite for colleges and universities that utilizes Uniface client software and is powered by an Oracle database. Modules provide flexibility based on an institution’s needs and include: Recruiting & Admissions, Records & Registration, Financial Aid, Billing & Receivables, Degree Audit, Alumni & Donor Development, Higher Education Payroll, Residence Halls, Campus Security and Web Self-Service.

    • United States

  • Established in the small French village of Willems outside of Lille in 1985, Proges-Plus offers comprehensive and customized IT solutions to small- and medium-sized companies in the French market. Made up of a small team of 25 employees, Proges-Plus is known for our strong desire to make every project successful. We have offices in Willems (Lille), Lyon and Nantes which serve our vast customer base.
    We have been working with Uniface since the late 1990’s and our Synoptic-ERP application is written in Uniface. Synoptic-ERP is now a key player in a niche market and we attribute much of our success to Uniface. With over 20 years of experience we can offer our customers a highly customized solution that meets their specific needs.

    • France

  • PinkRoccade Local Government has supplied software and services to local governments for more than 30 years. Half of all Dutch cities and numerous agencies and provinces successfully use PinkRoccade’s solutions and are thus better equipped to perform legal duties and further optimize business. PinkRoccade offers efficient, fast and streamlined service to citizens and businesses.

    • The Netherlands

  • CollegeNET Inc. is a leading developer of Web-based systems for higher education, serving more than 1,300 clients worldwide. The company’s online tools help institutions boost efficiency, streamline information, manage resources, and better serve students and prospects. The CollegeNET Series25? Solution includes: course and event scheduling, space and resource management, Web calendar publishing, e-commerce, accounting, and space use analysis. The company’s Intelligent Connections? services include: online admission application processing and evaluation, course evaluation, constituent management, and alumni contributions. CollegeNET’s student forum and scholarship election site,, has awarded close to $1 million for college tuition and student loan repayment.

    • United States

  • At the forefront of current technology, Aurion provides a unique, fully integrated, whole of business human resource and payroll solution that integrates the employee lifecycle – from onboarding to exit management. Covering the full spectrum of business functions, Aurion provides a single view of the workforce to optimise people, payroll and Human Resource processes, and make it easier for managers to track, support and retain staff. With a web based user interface, we believe the Aurion solution is one of the most powerful HRMIS on the market today.

    • Australia

  • One1 is the ERP leader in Israel and is ranked among the top three IT companies in the country. It is a publicly listed company on the Israeli Stock Exchange. One1 provides a complete array of computing services with over 1,500 clients across a variety of industries, including: Telecom, High-tech, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Trade and more. It employs more than 2,500 people located in Israel and abroad. The company has a clear customer focused strategy, and provides a variety of computing services including; infrastructure hardware and advanced storage facilities as well as complex software projects and solutions.

    “Uniface is our core technology,” says Ronen Benvenisty, CEO, One1. And One1 has accumulated the largest amount of Uniface knowledge available on the Israeli software market, as a result of its extensive use of Uniface over the last 15 years. It has developed one of the largest Uniface systems in the world with over 6000 programs. Its solution consolidates all administrative needs including Financial Management, Logistics Management, Production Management and Human Resource Management under a single ‘umbrella’.

    One1 ERP Solution Advantages: A multi-firm system, supporting mergers and company expansion as well as, providing: Significant advantages in consolidated Financial Statements; A BI module and a built-in Internet information portal; An integrative system, which supports cross-organizational processes; Costing / Budget Management to support profitability analysis and improve competitiveness; Proven ability to interface with external systems – EDI Stornks, agent terminals, enterprise fax server, e-mail, payroll, and more … It’s a modular system enabling gradual functional expansion and an infrastructural solution for large deployments, supporting hundreds of users and large data volumes as well as providing for scalability and future growth. Development and implementation is done by One1 allowing for tailoring and creative solutions without disconnection from the package framework.

    • Israel

  • COMPEKON s.r.o., based in the Czech Republic, was founded in 1992 and offers integrated business solutions of various kinds, including ERP. After years of experience in development and solution delivery, built on its IS COMPEKON product, it continues to grow its product offerings. One of these is IS COMPEKON START, a professional and affordable ERP solution for small and medium-sized companies. The company also offers solutions for forestry and timber production. BLUEJET is a web-based CRM product that gives businesses a simple application to support complex processes, together with the potential to deepen customer relationships and identify new business opportunities.

    • Czech Republic

  • SoftAr is Uniface’s local Distributor in Mexico providing Uniface sales support, services and consultancy.

    • Mexico

  • Synapse Innovation is a Japanese company providing technology services and software development and is also a Uniface distributor in Japan.

    • Japan

  • Established in 1985 and a Uniface partner since 1994, PROWARE designs, develops, implements and maintains application software for clients of all sizes. The software spans e-commerce, imaging and data conversion. Capabilities include:
    Custom application software development
    IT consultants and professional service
    Case management, both packaged and custom
    Tracking and reporting systems
    Imaging systems
    Electronic filing

    • United States

  • Part of VINCI Energies, Actemium is a network of 300 Business Units 100% dedicated to industrial process. These companies are located in 38 countries across the world, most closely with our clients. Actemium’s offering covers all the production facilitieslifecycle and is designed to improve the industrial performance of customer’s sites.

    • France

  • Sanderson is a leading provider of multi-channel retail solutions for e-commerce, high street and mail order retailers. The Sanderson multi-channel retail system provides multiple sales channels, underpinned by a powerful back office system that incorporates order management, stock control and multi-channel fulfillment. It gives you the tools you need to deliver a seamless, multi-channel shopping experience. The system addresses the operational challenges of running a multi-channel business, by providing cross-channel integration and visibility. It helps to generate additional revenues, improve customer satisfaction, boost supply chain efficiency, save valuable time and increase staff productivity.

    • United Kingdom

  • FULLCOM systems, a Czech company, was established in 2001. Its flagship product, FIS, provides organizations with a reliable, forward-looking ERP solution. It also provides all related technical services from analysis of the information system based on their clients’ needs; to installation, training and advising users to ensure the long term success of the FIS system within organizations, including further maintenance and development. User satisfaction is of the upmost importance to FULLCOM systems and they ensure that their clients maximize the possibilities of their ERP system and that individual users are supported. They offer tailor made services and customize the FIS information system to meet the particular requirements of each customer, including specific field requirements. Customer wishes and suggestions are regularly collected and evaluated so that FULLCOM can incorporate feedback into new versions of its product. The company prides itself on the high level of service and support that it offers its users, including:
    – A 24 hour- a-day telephone hotline
    – Customer support through FIS’ customer service
    – Continuous, 24/7, supervision of the information system
    – Use of remote access to ensure fast, effective service interventions
    – Exclusive, immediate, on-site services where required.
    FULLCOM systems is a certified partner of Uniface and Oracle.

    • Czech Republic

  • Established in 1971, Info Services is a Swiss company dealing with management software issues and integration. Based very close to Lausanne, near Lake Geneva, Info Services specialises in solutions aimed at the public sector, social services, the safeguarding and introduction of childcare, in addition to the property and industry sectors. Armed with more than 40 years experience, Info Services recently joined the T2i Group, a major player in the IT sector within Francophone Europe and Canada.

    • Switzerland

  • Labinf Systems S.r.l. provides complete, integrated management and administration solutions for use by industrial and distribution companies working with local government and hospitals. Thanks to know-how acquired over 30 years in the management software sector, Labinf Systems has established itself as an innovative, integrated and reliable management solutions provider. With an agile and specialized structure, it is able to provide its solutions that allow customers to manage their business processes more economically, and so improve their profitability. It is committed to finding ever more efficient technological responses to the evolution of PAL (Italian public sector payments system).

    • Italy

  • Amyyon supplies several software applications in which Customer Relationship Management plays an important role. It believes that for an organization to operate in an efficient, customer-focused way, all staff and all customer processes must work from the same correct, up-to-date customer profiles. Amyyon’s software packages, developed in-house, include:
    Amyyon Course Tracking: A complete tracking system for course participants, combined with CRM functionality, for both open and tailor-made enrollments
    Amyyon Case Manager: Allows for easy structuring of all front- and back-office activities
    Amyyon CRM Care: Customer Relationship Management specifically for the care industry, including communication with/about patients and integration with ECD (Electronisch Clienten Dossier)
    Amyyon Residence Register: Helps public bodies to register, and communicate with, relevant organizations and their departments.

    • The Netherlands