Uniface for healthcare.

Establish meaningful engagement with patients, clinicians, and physicians to improve the outcomes of patient care and driving down the overall cost of serving patients. Breaking down department silos and moving to an integrated care approach is the only way to truly deliver a value-based care model. Together, we can help you accelerate digital transformation, enrollment, service, and innovation — so your team can focus on what matters most: patients and members.

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Streamline operations.

Uniface allows healthcare providers to build omnichannel care solutions for both patients and healthcare professionals that range from telehealth systems, in-home care management, healthcare mobile apps, and beyond. The platform allows organizations to rapidly prototype, test with end users, and make changes within hours.

Drive revenue growth.

Uniface empowers healthcare providers to build rapidly patient-facing apps for purposes such as researching their prescribed drugs, evaluating their treatment options, accessing and controlling their medical information, and more. Applications can be pushed across any platform for any device on a single code base that is secure and compliant.

Data transparency.

Healthcare organisations need to be able to harness the vast amounts of data spread across clinical, operational, and administrative systems and departments in order to make more informed decisions based on a true 360-degree view of patients’ health history. The Uniface platform enables a healthcare organisation to consolidate all of these systems and data together, allowing a single view of the patient across departments so that healthcare professionals can make decisions with 100 percent of the data in real-time.

Digital transformation in healthcare.

The Uniface platform enables healthcare organisations to rebuild entire legacy portals, replace legacy apps, break siloed tech stacks to offer greater transparency and ensure the governance, compliance, and controls that can withstand third party audits.

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