Uniface for HR payroll.

Building HR application with Uniface low-code is ideal for HR leaders who already have a vision of the apps they want to build and are ready to jumpstart their projects. From employee directories to onboarding documents, from training solutions to payroll and benefits tools, the possibilities of building company-branded HR apps are endless with Uniface low-code development.

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Anker Seacrew Software.

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“Main advantage is Uniface’s speed of development. It’s much faster than other technologies we have worked with."
Mr. Tepper, Software Developer, Anker Seacrew Software

Enhance business functionality – productively.

HR is constantly evolving, whether to keep up with legislative or tax change or to support HR trends in areas such as performance management, personal development plans and tracking performance against objectives. With the Uniface environment, you are able to develop these improvements and respond to market demands extremely fast.

Take action on workforce insights.

Put your data to work using organisation-wide people & payroll automation, analysis and reporting applications to improve decision-making, employee engagement and productivity. Transform your people & payroll data with Uniface into actionable reports and dashboards to track your key business metrics, see long-time trends and identify outliers.

Save time, save costs.

With the Uniface low-code platform you make use of boilerplate code, pre-built templates, and other “building blocks” that shorten the development process itself. By cutting down the time spent on coding, developers can focus on testing and rolling out the product to their end users: the employees.

Go agile.

Building user-friendly apps is, of course, both an art and a science – and it takes months, even years, for businesses to polish their platforms. However, low-code app development eliminates the need for extensive coding in order for teams to keep up with agile business processes.

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