Uniface for manufacturing.

The core principle of smart manufacturing revolves around connecting people, machines, devices, systems and processes. Rapid application development has become the essence of driving this connection across the enterprise from the production floor to the customer site. Uniface empowers manufacturing leaders in mastering the fourth industrial revolution.

These industry peers have delivered solutions with Uniface.

Because of the high productivity of Uniface, we are able to answer the end users’ requests far more rapidly, with flexibility and at realistic costs.
Mr. Yasushi Kurosawa, Manager Information System Section, Kawasaki
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"Uniface emerged as the best solution, not just because of its technology but also because of the expert consultancy that comes with it.”
Jean-François Bernard, CTO, Pernod Ricard Group

Digitize and simplify the supply chain.

With the need to simplify the supply chain and ensure vendors have more control and accessibility over inventory, manufacturers are digitizing their processes. Low-code platform Uniface helps to build smart applications that enable manufacturers and vendors to better manage supply and operations planning, optimize logistics and inventory management, and provide actionable business intelligence that improves decision making.

Accelerate application development to create connected factories.

To achieve the transformation required to create data-driven, smart factories, rapid application development is a key enabler. The Uniface low-code platform empowers manufacturing leaders, developers, and IT teams to create a connected enterprise by enabling the development of different types of applications such as field service apps and core business apps.

Improve operational efficiency and worker productivity.

There are several tasks on the factory floor and offsite which are rudimentary and repetitive. To improve efficiency and save time spent by workers on activities such as invoice and claims processing, order management, and supply chain management, tools made with Uniface help to automate tasks. By developing web and mobile applications, data is accessible instantly and is shared seamlessly between teams, augmenting their productivity. It also improves efficiency by reducing data-entry errors and providing access to critical data at the right time.

Augments the potential of engineers and developers to deliver more.

In manufacturing companies, developers need to create applications that can connect onsite and offsite, web and mobile applications with back-end systems that require them to be manufacturing experts. As this breed of developers is rare, application development for specific use cases becomes a long process. Uniface provides developers and engineers with the tools to address challenges that they understand best, making application development and modernization initiatives faster.

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