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Get started with Uniface
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I’d rather maintain 100 lines of Uniface code than 1,000 lines of other code to support the same functionality.

Hans Bloemendaal, Application Architect, CRV, The Netherlands

Your apps are safe and sound.

Build powerful applications without technology limits or losing control of your code. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, and use your talent and experience to create great software. Build cool apps no matter how complex, and bring in the latest tech, such as reactive web, AI/ML, IoT, RPA and microservices. Uniface low-code means no-limit code. Simply use your languages and extend the platform as you wish.

Security and compliance.

Security is of utmost importance to Uniface. We invest heavily in securing our infrastructure and technology in close partnership with world-class security experts in order to make sure your mission-critical data is safe. Uniface is compliant to the highest industry standards and has obtained regulatory licenses.

Working smoother, because of component development.

Use thousands of reusable app components created by our developer community, in your projects, for free! Using Uniface's developer platform means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus on core customer and product experiences.

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