Experience the freedom
to align architecture and business.

Uniface accelerates your company’s digital journey by complementing your existing tools and helping you evolve your legacy applications to a modern stack - all without recreating technical debt.

Uniface flexibility
Uniface flexibility
Modernize your stack
Fits your current stack
Build for enterprise scale

Accelerate development and drive innovation in your company.

Powerfull and scalable.

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“We rely on Uniface’s technological expertise and agility to develop and deploy a mobile application for our storehouses.”
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Native low-code development

Build mobile apps that deliver engaging experiences with offline data, native device access, and on-device business logic.

Collaborative visual development

Empower real-time collaboration between the business and IT teams. Re-use app components to speed development.

Built to last

The proof of Uniface is in the applications: it's secure, reliable and sustainable. Uniface applications run for clients for more than 10 years.

Low maintenance

Uniface is characterized by very low maintenance costs for people and resources.

Open & extensible

Platform APIs, model APIs, and SDKs For rich extensibility options.

Cloud native architecture

Best-in-class technology, so you’re ready for what's next.

Keep your stacks safe and sound.

Build powerful applications without technology limits or losing control of your code. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks, and use your talent and experience to create great software. Build cool apps no matter how complex, and bring in the latest tech, such as reactive web, AI/ML, IoT, RPA and microservices. Uniface low-code means no-limit code. Simply use your languages and extend the platform as you wish.

Security and compliance.

Security is of utmost importance to Uniface. We invest heavily in securing our infrastructure and technology in close partnership with world-class security experts in order to make sure your mission-critical data is safe. Uniface is compliant to the highest industry standards.

Working smoother, because of component development.

Uniface's componentization and encapsulation of requirements means less maintenance for legacy systems and more focus on core customer and product experiences.

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