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In the not-so-distant past, companies dictated how, when and where customers interacted with them. Employees were bound to strict methods of interaction—figuratively chained to their desks and tethered to a handful of inflexible software solutions.

Times have changed.

With mobile users on the rise, companies must capture the attention of potential customers very quickly and deliver them an exceptional experience before they lose patience and go with a competitor.

Employees want access to critical data anytime, anywhere. They want to be able to work remotely with the same capabilities they have at their desk.

The solution? Mobile development using a single code base to drive both Android and iOS, providing agility to respond to new trends in a seemingly unpredictable future.

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Uniface Answers the Top 4 Questions about Uniface and Mobile

Top 4 Questions about Uniface and Mobile

Did you know you could use Uniface to build your mobile app? The low-code development that drives your critical software can also power your mobile app projects.

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Low-Code Solutions

Low-code solutions allow developers to work in fields, so they don’t have to worry about the data, and frees up time so teams can focus on high-value tasks like user experience and business logic integration, rather than coding.

Rapid Mobilization

Reusing existing assets means there’s no longer inefficiencies. And with Uniface’s exceptional scalability, adding users, increasing data and any other number of actions are no longer complicated or expensive tasks.

Learn Quickly

It’s hard to believe, but with the Uniface mobile software, there’s little to no learning curve. Uniface handles all security and integration requirements. Even those who have minimal to no experience in coding can feel comfortable developing a mobile app with Uniface.

Interactive Prototyping

Uniface can validate requirements prior to development or pivot when a new requirement arises. Rapidly prototype additional features needed, like GPS, camera functions, email, offline access and more all before you invest time in development.

Mobile Device Independence

We focus on app functionality and technology independence. We work tirelessly to make sure your app functions on a wide variety of devices—both today and in the future.