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Uniface Is Pernod Ricard Group’s Choice for Defining, Developing and Deploying a New Web Platform

Pernod Ricard has sealed a deal with its longtime global software supplier Uniface to modernize the business-critical Spirit 1 application.

A major reason for Pernod Ricard’s choice is Uniface’s Dynamic Server Page (DSP) technology, which slashes the time and effort needed to transform traditional desktop forms into responsive web pages. Using the latest version, Uniface 10, the partners are now jointly creating a web-based successor to Spirit 1 called the Spirit Management Platform (SMP).

The project was officially signed in July 2018 and development of the application commenced soon after.

Pernod Ricard’s Jean-François Bernard, Group CTO said: “This application is critical for our whole organization, because it manages the production process from distilling spirits to blending and bottling them. Therefore, we needed to replace our obsolescent client/server platform with one that will see us through the next 10-15 years. Uniface emerged as the best solution, not just because of its technology but also because of the expert consultancy that comes with it.”

Jean-François continued: “With Uniface, we can reuse a large part of our current code while optimizing our application using the latest techniques and tools like REST, JSON, and Java. Uniface 10 with its DSPs makes building a web application flexible, fast and developer-friendly.”

Building on a relationship of trust going back many years, Uniface and Pernod Ricard are now collaboratively developing SMP using the expertise of the Uniface Development Factory. The modernized application will be deployed across all Pernod Ricard’s major brands including Chivas in Scotland, Jameson in Ireland, and Martell in France.

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About Pernod Ricard

Founded in 1975 following the merger of two French spirit companies, Pernod and Ricard, founded respectively in 1805 and 1932, Pernod Ricard Group has become world no. 2 in the wines and spirits industry. It is listed on the CAC40 (French Stock Exchange). Through innovation and external growth, the group has built a prestigious portfolio of internationally recognized brands, of which 17 are counted amongst the global top 100 wine and spirits brands.

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