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Uniface Announces Cloud Functionality

Uniface technology fully tested and verified to support deployment on major cloud platforms

Uniface, a leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprises, software integrators and ISVs, is pleased to announce its support for cloud deployment, which provides Uniface customers the ability to deploy, redeploy and maintain apps either entirely in the cloud or with a hybrid cloud approach.

“Cloud accessibility is a modern-day business need,” said Adrian Gosbell, vice president of product strategy. “Providing Uniface customers with cloud functionality that has been fully tested and verified for deployment on the Amazon and Microsoft platforms is just the beginning for Uniface’s exciting roadmap for the cloud.”

Uniface cloud deployment enables:

  • Technology independence for easy deployment and maintenance of apps either entirely in the cloud or with a hybrid cloud approach;
  • Reliability and longevity as the cloud provider maintains all aspects of deployment, which relieves a significant burden to IT departments for the lifecycle of an application;
  • Flexibility and elasticity in managing hardware needs for an organization;
  • Deployment flexibility to enable the deployment of an app across more than one platform;
  • Security; and
  • Ease of optimization, making design changes for the cloud straightforward and easy.

For more information about Uniface and Cloud – and for more information about how to deploy Uniface applications in the cloud – READ OUR UNIFACE & CLOUD FACT SHEET