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Uniface Discovers 44% of Respondents to Digital Transformation Survey Cite “Lack of Understanding” as Business Barrier to Adoption

More than 300 survey respondents weigh in on state of digital transformation in Uniface/CIC research study

Uniface, a leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprises, software integrators and ISVs, today announces the release of its digital transformation market research study, The Market Realities of Digital Transformation, conducted in collaboration with Creative Intellect Consulting (CIC). Of the 300 respondents across ISVs, VARs and enterprise organizations, 44% reported that one barrier to adopting digital transformation is due to “lack of understanding in what it takes to become a digital enterprise across the organization.” A visual representation of the data accumulated and the full report are available at http://www.uniface.com/digital-transformation/.

“The topic of digital transformation has been one that’s been widely discussed, but with very little consensus on what it means for organizations. This lack of shared understanding often leaves IT and business professionals with more questions than answers,” said Roel Stoepker, CTO, Uniface. “Uniface sought an answer to often-asked questions – so we teamed up with CIC to do a research project on this topic. The resulting data were telling and we are happy to share our findings with those in the industry, as well as with those in the larger business community as it does impact individuals across all areas of an organization.”

“The study revealed a number of reassuring insights that often get overlooked in the technology narrative and digital transformation discussions. Almost all of those interviewed do not see digital transformation through the prism of IT and technology but as a driving change in the business, enabled through technology,” said Bola Rotibi, Research Director, CIC. “However, knowing how to address and satisfy the contrasting top requirements for business and technical stakeholders when it comes to supporting digital transformation will be paramount to sustaining that involvement.”

In the report, you’ll learn:

  • What the term “digital transformation” means to 97% of the respondents;
  • That 66% of respondents want to embark on a digital transformation of their organizations because they are driven to eliminate wasteful manual processes and want to create better experiences;
  • That 48% of respondents see cost as a major barrier for digital transformation in their organization; and
  • How organizations can work cross-departmentally to bring digital transformation to life.

Download “The Market Realities of Digital Transformation” here.

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