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Uniface Launches Entirely Re-engineered Uniface 10: Enterprise Edition


Uniface, a leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprises, software integrators and ISVs, today announced the launch of Uniface 10: Enterprise Edition. This Windows-based development and deployment platform was re-engineered to provide an integrated development environment (IDE), and was built from the ground up.

“This is definitely not your run-of-the-mill software version update,” said Aad van Schetsen, CEO, Uniface. “Rather, Uniface 10 is a total rebuild. It was an enormous project; our team rallied to re-engineer and rebuild this best-in-class development platform in a tight timeframe, and its successful launch is an important milestone for the company. We are also proud that long-time Uniface customers and new customers alike will be able to transition to the platform seamlessly, given its intuitive UI, and will welcome the modern look and feel and enhanced productivity features.”

“At Bloor, we think Uniface is doing things right,” said David Norfolk, practice leader for development and governance at Bloor. “In particular, that’s because Uniface keeps its customers up to date with the latest technology, but allows them to migrate to this at their own pace. Now, with Uniface 10, we think the Uniface Platform is going to be accessible to a much wider community. This latest release is particularly timely because low-code, model-driven development by systems architects and business analysts is especially appropriate to the ‘Mutable Enterprises’ – those enterprises in a constant state of change and reinvention, in response to changes in the business environment – which Bloor sees emerging in the 21st Century.”

To ensure delivery of a best-in-class product, Uniface’s development team sought third-party collaboration with industry leaders in user interface (UI) design, and asked outside developers for feedback during the build process.

In addition to an updated UI, Uniface 10 incorporates editors and tools for modeling, constructing, testing and deploying a Uniface application. Users of Uniface 9 will see that the development paradigm remains the same, but the platform is more intuitive to use. Newcomers to Uniface will recognize a familiar look and feel shared by other IDEs in the industry.

The result is a completely rebuilt and re-engineered development environment that enables developers to be even more productive using model-driven development.

About Uniface

Uniface is a leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprise businesses, software integrators and ISVs.

Headquartered in the Netherlands with U.S. offices in Detroit, Uniface serves clients around the world both directly and through a network of closely vetted, highly skilled partners. Our technology helps companies quickly and efficiently adapt to changing user behavior and preferences, leverage new technologies, adopt more effective development and deployment methodologies, and get the most out of their workforce talent.

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