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Uniface Volunteering Month 2014 Gets Underway

Volunteering Kicks Off in Amsterdam at the Ronald McDonald House
From October 30th to November 30th 2014 Uniface will host the Uniface Volunteering Month 2014, when employees across the world can help to make a difference in their communities. Volunteering kicked off in Amsterdam on Thursday, October 30th with 9 employees doing a day’s work at the Ronald McDonald House.

About the Ronald McDonald House:
Hundreds of families per year stay in the Ronald McDonald House that is linked to the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. The Ronald McDonald House offers these families a home close to their sick child for little cost, sometimes for several weeks or months, but unfortunately also for longer periods. The aim of the Ronald McDonald House is to facilitate, as much as possible, normal family life in spite of difficult circumstances. To make this happen both financially and operationally, the Ronald McDonald House is, for a large part, dependent on donations and helping hands from volunteers.

The Ronald McDonald House greatly appreciates Uniface having employees carry out volunteer activities in and around the House such as cleaning, gardening and cooking.

Krissie Towikromo, one of Uniface’s volunteers explains, “There are lots of personal reasons in making the decision to volunteer but for me volunteering is a way of giving back. I feel very lucky to be able to donate a small piece of time and energy to the less fortunate people in life and no matter how small the task you always feel good when it’s completed. And, of course, the Uniface volunteers always have a lot of fun. It’s great to spend a day with colleagues doing something that makes such a huge difference.”

We would like to thank Nicole de Bruijn, Ana Mazutti, Krissie Towikromo, Rudi Havenga,  Sjaak van Schie,  Michel van den Berg, Nick Hall, Junya Yasuda and Jonke Korzelius for giving up their time on Thursday, October 30th 2014 and for kicking off Uniface’s Volunteering Month 2014.