Software designed for developers by developers.

Uniface 10 combines the model-driven development paradigm of Uniface with a new, leading-edge integrated development environment (IDE) that paves the way to efficiency and quality.

Uniface coorporation
Uniface coorporation

How does it work? Meet Uniface 10.

Uniface 10 Community Edition brings app development into the future! It makes it easier and faster for developers to create applications using a model-driven approach.

Key features

  • Productivity through abstraction
    • Model-driven
    • Powerful script- language encapsulated in the model
    • From proto-typing to long-term maintainability
  • Follow IT innovations
  • Protect investments in applications
  • Compatible, technological innovation, ‘future-proof’
  • Integrate with new and existing environments

Designed for security.

From proactive measures baked into our technology to easy access to knowledge and guidance on secure application development, your mission-critical data is safe. Third-party audits vouch for the security of our deployment software.

Scalable and low-maintenance.

Let nothing stop you! One code base powers multiple platforms, whether you’re scaling desktop applications or expanding and mobilizing. Add users, increase data and business functionality to meet new business requirements. Prepare for success – and growth.

Get started with eLearning.

Uniface is an easy-to-use low-code development platform. All the training resources you need to get started quickly are available. From our video-based training, eLearning program and guided paths to our world-class support and thriving community of thousands of users, Uniface gives your entire team what you need to succeed.


Once you develop something in Uniface, it's available forever. Simply replicate across applications, or upgrade without additional work. Let the logic and business rules that guide your application guide your mobile app as well. The same goes for integration with web services, legacy applications and third-party data sources; connect without inefficient coding exercises.

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