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Partners United Program

Whether you need a proven partner to help develop an application in Uniface or you’re a Uniface expert looking to grow your client base, the PartnersUnited Program is for you.


We’ve spent nearly a decade curating and supporting a network of more than 300 application development and deployment partners, as well as system integrators, technology partners and resellers and distributors across the globe. There’s no shorter route between enterprises who need Uniface projects completed and the proven partners who can deliver consistent results.

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Why Partner With Uniface?

Premier Support

PartnersUnited members gain access to a dedicated point of contact who ensures critical issues are escalated appropriately managed, and who represents specific needs within Uniface.

Joint Marketing, PR & Recognition

We put our global marketing and public relations resources to work for PartnersUnited members, dramatically increasing reach into their markets. PartnersUnited members are highlighted in our easy to use Partner Finder, and Partner Spotlight features are circulated externally among the Uniface partner ecosystem and within the broader IT community.


Classroom and online training sessions are tailored to suit the exact needs of our partners. In addition, Uniface University offers 24/7/365 access to interactive courses and quizzes to improve your application development and deployment skills.


In addition to, our active online community, we regularly host visits to our development lab in Amsterdam. Partners meet Uniface’s management and technical teams and leave with a better understanding of our long-term strategy and product roadmap. Visits to other Uniface partners are also facilitated.

“The Uniface team has always been responsive to our needs – we can see many features in the current release that relate to our earlier conversations with Uniface.”

–John Gledhill,
Tribal Group Director
of Strategy & Innovation

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Who Partners With Uniface?

The PartnersUnited community is as diverse as the global IT marketplace. Our partners include:

Application Partners

Companies that build an application in Uniface and then resell it to their customers, with Uniface embedded, and not necessarily visible to their end user.

Distributors & Resellers

Organizations that sell Uniface licenses to Resellers in their defined region / geography. Distributors are responsible for the entire relationship with their customers. This includes first-line support, participation in Marketing efforts and events, sales and technical support efforts.

Organizations that sell Uniface licenses in a defined geography but are not responsible for providing technical support to their customers.


System Integrators (SI)

SIs primary business is on providing services to develop and/or maintain a bespoke application developed in Uniface to their end customer. They may sell Uniface licenses as part of the bespoke application.

Technology Partners

Software companies that provide a technical solution that complements Uniface and /or have unique Uniface technical expertise that delivers benefits to Uniface customers in areas like GUI, testing etc.

Premier Partner Spotlights


“For our customers it is important that their application is reliable and has a long shelf life in a continuously changing IT landscape. Because we use Uniface, we can confidently give them this reassurance.

–Philipee Viot, COO, Proges-Plus

“20 to 30 customers have come across from competitors in the past two years mainly attracted by Cloud and integration capabilities – so that success is in large measure down to our choice of Uniface.”

–Tobi Macey, Associate VP, Series 25 Products, CollegeNET