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Uniface and Cloud

Uniface and Cloud

Uniface now provides an ideal environment for developing new solutions destined for the cloud. The technology independence that is inherent in Uniface means existing solutions can be easily redeployed to leading cloud platforms. Uniface has been fully tested and verified for deployment on both Amazon and Microsoft platforms, enabling customers to deploy apps with a high degree of confidence.

Uniface – The Core Technology Powering Your Application

Uniface applications range from a real time ERP system for a leading manufacturer of robotics, to point-of-sale retail applications for numerous well-known retailers and everything in between. These applications all have one thing in common: They are all mission critical applications that are core to business success around the world.

Uniface Training and Education

Maximize your Uniface skills through our flexible training and solutions. The most important factor for the successful delivery of a project is that the resources involved have the appropriate skills and knowledge. Developing Uniface applications is a relatively simple task, but we do advise that developers are trained to ensure they can fully utilize the core Uniface capabilities throughout the application life-cycle.

What’s New in Uniface 9.7?

The latest version of Uniface’s model-driven development and deployment platform introduces support for cross-platform mobile functionality.

Uniface: Advanced Development Technology

Uniface is a model-driven development and deployment platform. Organizations that use Uniface can rapidly design and build applications which can then be deployed on all major platforms.

Uniface & Multi-Tenancy

Multi-tenancy promises the best of both worlds: the economy of resource sharing plus the control associated with in-house systems. Uniface realizes that promise cost-effectively.

Software Configuration Management

Software Configuration Management (SCM) is a strategy for regaining control over changes and releases. For the best results, we can help you integrate SCM tools and processes with your Uniface environment.

Uniface Migration Service

Future-proof your software assets: Automated migration provides a proven, rapid path to the latest Uniface version.

Uniface Anywhere

Uniface Anywhere provides a scalable, cost effective solution to deploy client server applications for remote access. This robust and feature-rich product provides a full range of powerful capabilities.

Uniface Professional Services

For more than three decades Uniface has been providing IT solutions, with our highly skilled professional consultants ensuring businesses are getting the most out of their IT assets.

Uniface Test Driven Development

Test Driven Development (TDD) helps developers find and fix bugs early in the development process, and improves the design and support process. If you’re thinking of adopting TDD, it makes sense to talk to Uniface Professional Services.

Introducing Uniface 9.6

Uniface 9.6 provides additional features and functionality to the Uniface ecosystem, including the ability to effectively modernize existing applications.