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Read some of our in-depth white papers on mobile, modern technologies, app development and more.

Uniface: A Low-Code Development Disruptor

Learn why London-based IT research and analyst firm Bloor calls Uniface “a low-code development disruptor.”

agility and innovation white paper cover

Agility and Innovation in Application and Mobile Development

With economic uncertainty everywhere, and disruption in many marketplaces, businesses need to respond fast to change. This makes business agility and IT innovation essential to a healthy organization. This white paper focuses on innovation and achieving it through mobility.

Building Web Apps With Uniface

From an end-to-end perspective, Uniface is a choice that should be considered for any web application. In this white paper we’ll detail some of the strategic and technical advantages that Uniface offers over some other development environments.

Data Conversion for Modern Applications

This white paper discusses trends, challenges and solutions of data conversion in application modernization projects.

Enterprise Application Modernization

The Uniface approach outlined in this paper shows how you modernize at a pace, and to an extent, that suits your organization’s aspirations and constraints. You can choose to modernize the front end, back end, or both.

Enterprise Mobile Apps

This paper aims to help readers understand the issues surrounding enterprise mobile applications and suggest solutions so that they can reap the benefits and avoid the pitfalls.

Discovering Uniface a .Net Developer’s Analysis

Bridging the skills gap is a concern for many in the IT industry and Uniface customers share this worry. It can be hard to recruit experienced Uniface programmers, but many firms are certain that’s what they need, and continue to advertise for people with 5-10 years’ Uniface experience.

Deployment Productivity Study

Uniface’s advanced, enterprise development environment, allows 3,500 companies worldwide to reduce time-to market of sophisticated, business-critical applications. Uniface speeds up development and allows applications to be deployed anywhere due to its support for all leading technologies, from mobile to the mainframe.

Answers to the Top 4 Questions About Uniface and Mobile

Get the answers to the top 4 most frequently asked questions about using Uniface to mobilize an enterprise.

Discovering Uniface: A Java Developer’s Experience

If you’re looking for someone who can compare different development environments based on first-hand experience, Georges Herzet is better placed than most. He has an extensive and varied software development background, including considerable Java programming experience.

Uniface & Web Application Security

This paper describes how Uniface helps developers produce securely coded applications. It’s aimed not only at security experts, but also at IT and business managers with an interest in safeguarding information and resources.

Ten Ways Uniface Helps You Succeed

From the world’s most recognized brands to startup companies, organizations use Uniface’s low-code platform to develop and deploy applications faster than ever before. Here’s why.

Why SAP HANA Users Need Uniface

Learn how SAP HANA and Uniface work together to provide flexible and streamlined data management capabilities.