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Management Team

As CEO, Arjan is responsible for overseeing Uniface strategy, business activities and operations. He has a broad organizational focus and has more than 20 years of international experience in the telecommunications and IT industry. He has extensive expertise in (financial) management in various companies, including start-ups and international entities.

Prior to joining Uniface in 2015, Arjan held CFO and other senior finance management positions at various companies such as at Logica, Teleena, Debitel, Nextra, Peoplesoft, Nuon and Bausch & Lomb. He has a degree in business economics and accountancy (RA).

Arjan Schouten

Chief Executive Officer

As Vice President Sales for Uniface, Deniz manages the Uniface sales and client management teams. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam and has been working for Uniface since 2000 in various Sales and Project Management roles. He has previously worked for Baan, a software company specializing in enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. He held Project Management positions in various countries including the U.S., Switzerland and Germany but is currently based in The Netherlands.

Deniz Yugnuk

Vice President Sales

Robert Kruyt

Chief Financial Officer

Roel is the Chief Technology Officer responsible for Uniface’s strategic direction, development and future growth. Currently based in Amsterdam, he has worked in a variety of roles and locations for Uniface. In 1994 he started in Switzerland as a Uniface consultant and then moved to the US to lead the Uniface support team. Roel then worked for Compuware in both Switzerland and later in the Netherlands to lead the Support and Services organizations. He holds a degree in Political Geography and International Relations from the University of Amsterdam and has an MBA from the Business School of Lausanne.

Roel Stoepker

Chief Technology Officer