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Uniface 10

Meet Uniface 10, where all of Uniface’s traditional strengths combine with a totally new integrated development environment to make teams even more productive.

Uniface 10 includes these great usability and productivity features:

  • Code hinting
  • Snippets
  • Multi-select
  • Code containers
  • Compiled module information
  • Multiscreen support
  • Project support
  • Code folding
  • Resource browser

With Uniface 10, your company can tackle today’s productivity pressures and meet the expectations of developers who are used to other mainstream integrated development environments, eliminating recruiting challenges. You get:

  • A shorter time to market for new Uniface applications, and faster, more efficient maintenance of existing ones.
  • No “technology break” – existing applications can be migrated to Uniface 10 simply by importing the code, the same as with all our previous versions.
  • Uniface 10 is made by developers for developers. Our technical team has put significant thought and hard work into making sure the new version does exactly what application developers really need. We mean it when we say that Uniface 10 is made by developers for developers.

Longtime Uniface customers and new customers alike can transition to the platform seamlessly given its intuitive user interface (UI). Both groups are welcoming its modern look and feel and enhanced productivity features.

Why all the excitement about Uniface 10?

Uniface 10 gives both companies and developers all the functionality and benefits of previous versions of Uniface, such as the model-driven development concept, combined with a totally new, leading-edge integrated development environment (IDE) that’s even more productive to use. Great new features include:

Everything you need to modify an application, in one place.

Instead of repeatedly drilling down to find individual elements that need to change, developers can see all the relevant information on one screen and can update everything at once. You’ll be amazed how much time it saves.

Full-strength inheritance.

The process of managing development objects in Uniface 10 is even more simple than in previous versions, significantly reducing the risk of human error by improving the predictability, robustness and intuitivity in the Uniface 10 IDE.

All-around convenience.

We’ve standardized and streamlined existing features like handling triggers and libraries. Developers get a really usable, productive working environment that’s as intuitive as anything available today. End-users get applications that are simply stunning, both visually and functionally. And all this is true for every platform: client/server, web-based or mobile.

Why should I care about Uniface 10?


Amazing new features. Uniface 10 includes a host of features – such as code hinting – added to the familiar Uniface benefits you already know and love.


Building on what’s there. As well as the new features, you’ll also notice improvements to Uniface’s existing usability and productivity features.


Happy, productive developers. Uniface developers will quickly become more productive – and get more satisfaction from their work. We’ve been using it in-house for a while, and our developers aren’t keen on switching back to the previous version.


Flexible migration. You might decide to migrate a couple of applications first and leave the rest in Uniface 9 while you retest. You could just develop new applications with Uniface 10 and then migrate the rest when you’re ready. It’s easy to have Uniface 9 and 10 running on the same hardware platform by partitioning it into virtual machines.

What’s gone into Uniface 10?

Hard Work

A lot of hard work! This was an enormous project, and our team rallied to re-engineer and rebuild the development environment virtually from scratch in record time.


Expert advice. Third-party experts like user interface (UI) psychologists have helped us ensure our IDE reflects the latest design principles and is at least as user friendly, visually exciting, and functionally up to date as other widely used IDEs.


All our existing development functionality. For ease of transition, Uniface 10 includes all the developer functionality of Uniface 9, built up over 30 years.


Ideas from Uniface developers. We’ve focused on the IDE areas that our user community has told us are most important to them, and that have the greatest effect on productivity and ease of use.


Valuable help from our customers. People who first developed their applications 25 years ago can smoothly migrate those applications to Uniface 10, thanks in part to some customers who have already migrated applications in our labs.

Why should developers care about Uniface 10?

Uniface 10 IDEUniface 10 is “made by developers for developers.” Our technical team has put a lot of thought and hard work into making sure it does what you really need.

So you’ll find you quickly become more productive – and get more satisfaction from your work. We’ve been using it in-house for a while, and our developers tell us they wouldn’t use anything else (not even Uniface 9!).

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