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4 Mobile questions.

Jun 22, 2020

Did you know you could use Uniface to build your mobile app? The low-code development that drives your critical software can also power your mobile app projects.


Developing a mobile app to meet the unique needs of your company or your clients’ companies can change the way communication takes place between stakeholders, increase productivity and make business-critical functionality accessible from anywhere.

But making your enterprise mobile can be a costly and complex challenge. Does your IT department have enough time and resources to manage all the work involved in creating a functional and user-friendly app that doesn’t crash or malfunction?

The good news: Uniface, one of the most productive low-code enterprise development tools in the industry, can also be used to simplify and speed up mobile development. Here are our answers to the top 4 most frequently asked questions about using Uniface to mobilize an enterprise, and our answers.

1. Is it really that easy?

Absolutely. Old-fashioned development methods would require two different strategies and code sets to create both a desktop-accessible software system and a mobile app. By contrast, Uniface lets developers reuse the same rules and business logic already in place to develop cross-platform, responsive mobile apps fast.

The ability to mobilize quickly by reusing existing assets means inefficient code rewrites can now be avoided. Instead, the development team can focus their time and talents on functionality and user- friendliness, building spectacular UI’s and UX that will reduce friction and improve adoption. Not only that, with Uniface’s exceptional scalability, it becomes straightforward and fast to add users or data fields, extend functionality, and generally adapt to changing business needs.

With Uniface, you can maintain just one version of the app, regardless of whether people are using Android or iOS – and also regardless of device types, screen sizes and so on. Platform independence is fundamental to Uniface.

2.How long does it take to train people?

With Uniface mobile software, there’s little to no learning curve. Uniface handles all security and integration requirements, freeing up developers so they can do more with less. Even those with minimal coding experience – and none at all in coding for mobile can feel comfortable developing a mobile app with Uniface.

Today, industries are moving and transforming at breakneck speed. Uniface overcomes many of the usual development barriers, allowing companies to achieve a cross-departmental mobile development strategy that can draw on the skills of business teams as well as IT. The result? A mobile app development process that is more responsive to stakeholder and marketplace needs.

3. Can Uniface adapt to a new requirement?

When a new requirement arises, Uniface can validate it prior to development. You can rapidly prototype the additional features you need, accessing GPS, camera functions, email, offline access, and other mobile functionality before you invest time in development. This type of interactive prototyping gives developers an idea of the functionality of the mobile app early and can save them precious time later.

Uniface also offers secure back-end infrastructure, which means seamless integration between any mobile device and data, all in the name of making your business more future-proof.

4. How can I distribute my mobile app to my users’ devices?

Once your app is ready for use, you can distribute it to hundreds or even thousands of end-users via the App Store and Google Play.

From within the Uniface development environment, it is a simple task to send the completed mobile app to our partners at Buildozer. You’ll receive back an app that is ready for distribution by Apple or Google. The single codeline approach saves your team the headache of investigating any requirements associated with application distribution (and the redistribution of maintenance updates). It’s as hassle-free as it gets, and it means your developers can spend the time more productively.

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