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5 Reasons to put microservices on your To-Do list in 2021

Mar 29, 2021
5 reasons

For a lot of projects, microservices are the way to go. Discover the 5 most important reasons to make 2021 the year to invest in microservices, from a developer perspective.

#1 Independent and easier to scale

Microservices offer an effective way to break up your application in order to make them independent and easier to scale.

It is possible to isolate portions of code and have them maintained by different teams. These teams can have independent release cycles so long as they don’t make any breaking changes or have a versioned API.

Instead of one big monolith, you can now scale specific bottlenecks in your architecture, potentially saving money and opening options to host your application in the cloud or make it a hybrid solution.

#2 Enhanced stability

Microservices enable you to deliver applications that are not only scalable but also stable.

Improved application quality and stability by breaking the code into smaller, easier to maintain, isolated pieces - the team only focus on their code. Also, the isolated pieces of code ensure you cannot easily break other microservices.

#3 Easier deployment

You don’t need big virtual machines or bare metal to deploy your applications.

Because you don’t need big virtual machines for your monolithic application anymore, your application is ready for containerization. You could start to migrate your architecture to a container orchestrator like Kubernetes together with CI/CD, deployment pipelines and docker.

Did You Know Microservices enable a service-oriented architecture in which you move your business logic out of the end component into a back-end service?

#4 Faster Time To Market

There is no need to check the entire codebase if you add new features.

Start small and grow your use of microservices-based on what will give the greatest value to your application. Preserve the investments you have already made by encapsulating your existing application logic into microservices.

#5 Take care of security

Security monitoring is easier because each service can be monitored separately.

As microservices are self-contained and encapsulate only a portion of the overall application, you can concentrate your security investigations to just a limited functionality area.

Did you know combined with Uniface, the backbone to get started with microservices already is in place? That’s because Uniface’s communication path between the various services is built into the Uniface runtime’s genetics.

So let’s get started

Do you already benefit from the flexibility microservices offer? They enable you to build not only stable, but also scalable applications. Together with the Uniface framework, it is easy to get started right away with microservices. Find out what you need to know in our whitepaper 'Microservices: delivering scalable and stable applications'

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