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In the Spotlight: Laura Albisser. Meet our game-changers.

Nov 10, 2020

Daily, hundreds of game-changers work with Uniface solutions to support companies to start, run and scale their businesses. The talent operates from numerous locations worldwide. It’s time to meet some of our game-changers to discover what drives these talented developers. This month: meet Laura Albisser, a software developer at the Swiss software company ABF Informatik AG.

Laura Albisser works at ABF Informatik AG, a software development company which is based in the city of Cham, Switzerland. The company develops software for several clients, including governments and the private sector. “This is my fourth year working at the company”, Albisser recalls. The company engineers specialized software and its developers are responsible for multiple projects. At the moment Laura is working on a solution which enables users to fetch and save additional personal data of individuals. By entering the first and last name of a person, the solution uses a central database (‘Zentrale Anlaufsstelle’) to enrich the personal data of the individual, which greatly simplifies the gathering of high-quality personal data. Furthermore, the solution is constantly evolving and new features are introduced on a regular base. This way of working asks for a dedicated and thought out approach. An approach in which low code plays an important role.

About the company

ABF Informatik AG ( was founded in 1987. The organization is headquartered in Cham, Switzerland. The company is one of the leading providers of modern business management systems. ABF Informatik AG commits itself to the ‘Swiss Made’ software label and guarantees high quality and absolute reliability for their specialized applications. All products are fully developed in Switzerland, thereby securing their employment and training positions.

The role of Uniface

Laura’s solution is built with Uniface 9.7 and uses a client-server model. Albisser explains: “The input of the user is sent and received via a SOAP interface. The solution enables end-users not only to view the data but also to change and save the information in their own database.” Future features for the solution can relatively easily be tested before their actual development and rollout. “With Uniface it is possible to create prototypes relatively quickly. This way, I can try out prototypes beforehand to find a suitable solution”, Laura says.

“With Uniface, it’s possible to create prototypes relatively quickly. This way, I can try out prototypes beforehand to find a suitable solution.”

Low code

According to Albisser, a low code strategy makes a difference in maintenance effort, which especially is the case for large applications. A well-defined low code approach means less general effort and reduced costs. When asked about the key mentalities a low code developer should own, Laura has a clear opinion. “A successful low code developer has a problem-solving mentality. Furthermore, a low code developer should be able to really grasp the process behind the problem. Based on a relatively small amount of code, he or she can map out the related processes.” If you want to know more about a successful low code approach, read our previous article ‘Low Code: An honest view’.

Laura’s Favorite Functions in Uniface 10 Community Edition:

  • The compiler links Laura to the line on which it throws an error
  • The possibility to add custom components to Laura’s editor, for example: worksheets
  • Support of code snippets
  • The code is no longer divided into triggers but is neatly located in a window
  • Laura no longer has to open multiple Uniface instances for multiple components. Instead, all of the components are centralized in one instance and she can switch between these using tabs


ABF Informatik AG is proud of being a Swiss company. All solutions are developed in Switzerland. Laura also shares the feeling of proudness regarding her work. “I really like to see how the applications and extensions that I have written are used by our end users. It makes me proud to see how we can really help our customers.”

Did You Know

Low code development is focused on making it easier and quicker to develop applications. Traditional code development can require thousands or even millions of lines of code. With low-code, innovative apps can be delivered 10x faster and organizations can turn on a dime, adapting their systems at the speed of business. The low code approach enables Laura to rapidly prototype new features for the data solution.

It’s your turn to get started

Uniface has a proven track record and leads the way for model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprise businesses, software integrators and ISVs. Accelerate innovation with Uniface's low-code platform and find out what’s new in Uniface 10 Community Edition. To get a head start, visit the free eLearning academy and have a look at the repositories on Github and Gitlab and library code in the Uniface community.

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