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In the Spotlight: Marc Hoffmann. Meet our game-changers.

Dec 2, 2020
Marc Hoffmann
Marc Hoffmann Uniface game-changer

In the Spotlight: Marc Hoffmann. Meet our game-changers.

Daily, hundreds of game-changers work with Uniface solutions to support companies to start, run and scale their businesses. The talent operates from numerous locations worldwide. It’s time to meet some of our game-changers to discover what drives these talented developers. This month: meet Marc Hoffmann, application developer at the Bayerischen Versorgungskammer in Bavaria, Germany.

Hoffmann has quite some experience working with Uniface solutions. “I have worked with Uniface for 28 years. Before I started with Uniface, I worked for several years at Compuware.” At the moment, Hoffmann focusses on migrating Uniface 9 solutions to the Uniface 10 environment. Even though a vast majority of the migration can be done automatically, the process still needs some manual work. Marc explains: “Initially, the M+R solution was developed using version 6 of Uniface. The solution was migrated to every new version of Uniface. Every time the application is upgraded to a newer version, components such as features, procedures and properties have to be checked manually. Some of these items are no longer supported by the newer Uniface version.” Hoffmann also works on a second solution.

This application is used to record work tasks and times. “The code was written with version 8 of Uniface and the application has also been updated with every new release of Uniface. Next to these projects, new releases with Uniface 10 are still in the pipeline. The focus for now really is geared towards our existing applications.” Marc’s knowledge of the Uniface environment is well known within the organization. It is no surprise that Hoffmann is the main person to address Uniface topics within the Bayerischen Versorgungskammer.

“Some of our code is written with version 8 of Uniface and our applications have been updated with every new release of Uniface”

About the company

As the largest public-law pension group in Germany, the Bayerischen Versorgungskammer jointly manages the business of twelve professional and municipal pension institutions that provide retirement, occupational disability and survivor benefits for their members and insured persons. In Bavaria, around one in five households receive benefits from the Bayerischen Versorgungskammer. That means great corporate and social responsibility. The Bayerischen Versorgungskammer employs around 1,350 people who work as experts in the field of pensions, as well as specialists in capital investment, construction and real estate management, actuarial mathematics and information technology.

Trying new stuff

Hoffmann likes being able to test drive new features and technologies. “My job enables me to try new features and technologies without pressure. This flexibility enables me to explorer other technologies and their underlying connections”, Hoffmann explains. Developers who work in a low code environment enjoy several benefits, according to the German developer. “The developer can fully focus on programming the business logic. At the same time, a lot of work is being done for the developer.”

“A low code developer can fully focus on programming the business logic.”

Important skills

A successful low code developer needs to possess several qualities, Marc explains. “He or she must have a thorough understanding of the development environment. This knowledge enables him to assess upfront whether the development tools are capable of delivering the right outcome. Some scenarios are not feasible with low code. In that case, you need to include other solutions to get the right deliverables.”

Marc’s Favorite Functions in Uniface 10 Community Edition

  • The object browser immediately displays updated result lists each time you enter a new character
  • The new Project functionality
  • During development, you can easily switch between the called objects via the different tabs
  • Individual entities can be exported and re-used again
  • The IntelliSense function within Uniface often is very valuable and supportive

Continuous improvements

When asked for areas for improvement concerning the Uniface solution, Hoffmann has very clear suggestions. “Of course there is still room for improvement in the Uniface solutions. Because the SCCI (Source Code Control Interface) is not available anymore, you have to program your own routines in order to connect with versioning. Via the action menus, we were able to use Visual Source Safe. Also, it would be nice to bring back global search functionality. The same goes for the specific Uniface keystrokes. Not all Gold key combinations were implemented.” But in the end, Hoffmann is very satisfied when he finishes his working day having solved problems. “When I see that I’ve solved a problem – or at least are heading in the right direction – I really enjoy those moments.”

Did You Know

Low code development is focused on making it easier and quicker to develop applications. Traditional code development can require thousands or even millions of lines of code. With low code, innovative apps can be delivered 10x faster and organizations can turn on a dime, adapting their systems at the speed of business. Thanks to low code, Hoffmann can fully focus on the business logic of the solutions for the Bayerischen Versorgungskammer.

It’s your turn to get started

Uniface has a proven track record and leads the way for model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprise businesses, software integrators and ISVs. Accelerate innovation with Uniface's low-code platform and find out what’s new in Uniface 10 Community Edition. To get a head start, visit the free eLearning academy and have a look at the repositories on Github and library code in the Uniface community.

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