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In the Spotlight: Raúl Correia

Jan 13, 2021
Raúl Correia

Meet the talents behind Uniface. Our game-changers are constantly improving Uniface solutions while making sure our customers have access to the latest technology.

Hi Raúl, can you please give us an introduction?

“I am a software developer in the R&D lab of Uniface. I focus on all development within the web team. I work for Uniface since September 2020.”

What do you think of low code?

“Low code is of importance for situations in which code is hard to maintain, maybe because of handwritten things. It can greatly speed up the development and enables you to produce the deliverables faster. Also, it can be seen as technology agnostic. This means you can shield yourself against new technology and the risk of not being able to support legacy technology anymore. Low code also really helps in the money department. You need less time to market.”

There also must be some downsides!

“You have to remember that new feature support is a bit slower compared to – for example – open source. That’s because we’re dealing with a private solution. There also is some performance overhead, but in practice, that’s perfectly doable.”

How does a smart developer get started?

“Before you start a low code project, you have to really understand if these are the best tools you really need. After that, you can start modelling. After that, start the development phase. This way, you will never fight against the tool. This strategy enables you to model your problem or project and to really grasp the implications and possibilities.”

Do you have any special advice for ambitious developers?

“A good low code developer is open-minded and focused on solving the problem for a customer. You don’t code: you solve problems. In such a way, we can say you have to be a peoples person. Not the guy or girl who only understands technology. Having people skills is very important. You really have to connect with people.”

So why Uniface?

“That’s simple. Uniface gives you reliable support. The company is more than 35 years old. The customers we serve, are slowly changing. They want a reliable partner. And that’s exactly what we can offer them.”

Thanks for the interview, Raúl!

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