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Meet our developers: Garima Gupta

Nov 18, 2020

Meet the talents behind Uniface. Our game-changers are constantly improving the Uniface solutions while making sure our customers have access to the latest technology. In this blog, you will meet Garima.

Hi Garima, can you please introduce yourself?

“I am a Software Developer at Uniface based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I hold a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Delhi, India. I have eight years of professional experience in the field of software development and have worked for several multinational organizations in the past. I am passionate about coding, like to take on challenging & complex problems and solving them. I love to travel and exploring new cultures excites me!”

Tell us something about your previous and current experience.

“I have had the chance to work on different domains during my previous employments. Maritime simulation, virtual gaming and electronic design automation to name a few. In April I started working for the Runtime team, part of the Uniface R&D Department. The Runtime team is responsible for the runtime of Uniface, where much of the networking, back-end processing and communication takes place, as well as several protocols supported by the product.

I am participating in design, implementation and testing of product enhancements that are the key blocks of our latest generation Uniface platform. In addition to this, my responsibility is to maintain our existing product features and offer support to our customers.” I recently worked on an interesting task wherein we implemented XOAUTH2 & STARTTLS for SMTP & POP mail servers. This enabled our customer to interact in an Outlook environment.”

As a real Uniface gamechanger, what are your thoughts about version 10 of Uniface?

“Version 10 is very intuitive and user friendly. You can really notice the efforts put in by the team to improve the user experience if compared to previous versions. Uniface 10 Community Edition enables you to develop apps for desktop, mobile and web. It presents a user-friendly environment and uses step by step processes in order to create projects. Furthermore, the tutorial part is valuable. In here, you find easy tutorials which help you to finish tasks. I strongly recommend new users to have a look at the tutorials!”

In what ways does Uniface help you in your daily activities?

“Uniface as a company offers an excellent environment to work and grow. Well-defined documentation & procedures help to speed up the tasks. Concepts like creative sprint are used to promote out of the box thinking. Most importantly, credit to my colleagues who are always happy to lend a helping hand.”

Anything we can improve in the future versions of Uniface?

“Uniface 10 is already a significant leap forward as compared to its previous versions. I think it is too early to comment on this. Of course, there will be improvements. We as a team, continuously brainstorm and rely on end-user feedback to improve.”

Thank you Garima!

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