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Meet our developers: Mattia Lacroce

Dec 17, 2020

Uniface developer Mattia Lacroce

Meet the talents behind Uniface. Our game-changers are constantly improving Uniface solutions while making sure our customers have access to the latest technology. In this blog: Mattia Lacroce.

Please introduce yourself, Mattia.

I am a software developer, working in the DevOps teams. I am responsible for shifting our solutions to the cloud. I work here since July 2020. Talking about the company: Uniface consists of a good mix of old and young people. Recently, 10 new persons were added to the team.”

What’s your background?

I have a C++ background. I was not planning on doing DevOps, however, my manager asked me if I was up to the task. I am responsible for migrating our infrastructure to the cloud and explore the possibilities of cloud services such as AWS and Azure. This will give our users the benefit of not having to know which underlying platform is used.”

How would you describe the value of Uniface (and low code)?

“That’s easy. Uniface is perfect when you need an application but don’t need or want to go into the details. You can really be more productive and deliver your applications in a shorter time frame.”

Although you’re not working on the development of the Uniface solution itself, can you share your advice when you want to start with development?

“Of course! An important starting point is our learning platform. This platform contains a lot of materials, also for the Enterprise edition. Furthermore, it contains valuable step by step instructions. In the future, we are planning on creating a blog with extra information. So stay tuned!”

Thanks for your time, Mattia!

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