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Meet our developers: Xander Bos

Dec 7, 2020
Uniface developer Xander Bos

Meet the talents behind Uniface. Our game-changers are constantly improving Uniface solutions while making sure our customers have access to the latest technology. In this blog, you will meet Xander Bos.

Hi Xander. What’s your role?

“I am a software developer. Previously, I was trained as an embedded software engineer, creating firmware for embedded devices, for example, washing machines.”

Sounds cool. So you have quite some experience with coding. How about low code?

“I like the idea of low code. Low code takes a lot of work out of your hands. It creates an abstraction layer, which enables you to use one codebase. It essentially offers a runtime, which accepts calls from the low code environment.”

Why should anyone consider low code?

“In these days, low code is more relevant than ever. A good example is startups, which have good ideas but might not have the technical know-how to quickly introduce the right deliverable. The low code world gives you the required flexibility for a fast go to market. Furthermore, you are not forced to hire a third party.”

OK, but are there any pitfalls?

“You have to be aware of the constraints of the runtime. It is limited to the functionality which is offered by the runtime. You have to trade flexibility for ease of use. Uniface enables you to make a head start. You have to be aware of the situation in which the runtime does not have all the requirements. In that case, you are still able to revert to a lower level and in some cases add additional functionality to the runtime environment.”

So what do you think of our latest version: Uniface 10 Community Edition?

“Uniface 10 Community Edition offers a complete environment which was previously only available to large corporations which paid a license. The Community Edition enables you to use the technology and to explore the options yourself. Furthermore, the community offers several boards on which you can ask for assistance and which enable you to connect with other developers.”

Any other advice for peer developers who want to improve and learn?

“A good starting point depends on your own personal focus. You can make use of e-learning solutions, for example via video and tutorials. I prefer a combination of video tutorials and reading through documentation. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask the Uniface community.”

How about sharing some personal best practices with us?

“Best practices for low-code: keep in mind the goal and only develop what you think is necessary. An interesting way to do this is to work in small iterative steps (like a test-driven approach). This way, you utilize an incremental approach when developing your solutions. The result is a clear path and cleaner design of your solution.”


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