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Why Uniface

Integration & Reuse
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Technology Independence

I’d rather maintain 100 lines of Uniface code than 1,000 lines of other code to support the same functionality.

Hans Bloemendaal,
CRV, The Netherlands


Achieve more with less using one of the most productive enterprise application development platforms in the industry.

The unrivaled productivity that companies achieve with Uniface reduces the time to deploy business applications. With Uniface, developers are able to focus on user experience and business logic rather than coding, enabling getting mission-critical applications to the market faster than with other development platforms.

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Thanks to Uniface our mission-critical application has run reliably for the last 20 years.

Marion Koelzer, UBS AG, Switzerland


Globally, businesses trust the proven reliability and performance of Uniface for their mission-critical applications.

For companies like UBS, application failure is simply not an option. Businesses depend on applications deployed on the Uniface platform and require 24×7 availability.

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It is clear that Uniface takes security very seriously. The Uniface platform ensures applications built through it are inherently protected and are therefore less prone to security threats.

Bola Rotibi,
Creative Intellect Consulting, UK


Uniface's unique deployment architecture safeguards mission-critical applications from the outset.

At Uniface, security is priority No. 1. From proactive measures baked into our technology to providing easy access to knowledge and guidance on secure application development best practices, we work hard to make sure your mission-critical data is safe. Audits conducted by third-party firms verify that our deployment software is secure.


Minnesota State Colleges and Universities’ integrated Uniface application is mission critical to the educational experience of 350,000 students. The high productivity, low cost maintainability and ease of reuse has allowed a low budget government organization to have a top quality solution.

Dave Willford,
Minnesota State Colleges &

Integration & Reuse

Uniface lets you reduce costs by reusing existing assets in new or modernized applications.

Once you develop something in Uniface, it's available for use forever. Replicate your efforts across an application, or upgrade without additional work – once it's done, it's always there. The same goes for integration with web services, legacy applications and third-party data sources; connections happen without inefficient coding exercises, and stay in place through upgrades and changes.

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Uniface enables Aurion’s mission-critical payroll application to pay over 300,000 employees every pay day.

Brian Coleman, Aurion, Australia


Uniface's proven scalability capabilities are trusted by enterprises across the globe. Prepare for success – and growth.

Uniface applications always effectively scale to meet new business requirements. Whether you're adding users, increasing data throughout or increasing business functionality, there's nothing holding you back.


We have about 100 requests for a change to a system from our end-users, and we can manage them with Uniface.

Mr. Yasushi Kurosawa, Kawasaki, Japan


Uniface's efficient low-code methodology lets users respond to market trends, develop and deploy high-performing applications in record time.

Thanks to Uniface's model-driven, low-code methodology, new applications make it to market – or into internal use – faster and with less work than ever. The result? Barriers to innovation are removed, fresh revenue streams are tapped ... and end users are thrilled.


Our Uniface application continues to grow and facilitate the rapidly changing market trends of the connected world.

James Barker,
Dixons Carphone, UK


Uniface apps are always upward-compatible; that means moves to new technologies happen with minimal overhead or rework.

Uniface gives the reassurance of maximum application ROI, with a proven track record of supporting new technology innovation allowing customers to modernize their existing applications with new technologies.

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With Uniface, we can take advantage of new technical  advances without having to build it ourselves. Uniface takes care of that. This allows us to focus our energies into ensuring we stay ahead of our competition and markets.

Anton Roe, MidlandHR, UK

Technology Independence

Uniface lets you develop applications that work on all hardware platforms and operating environments.

Uniface provides unparalleled flexibility in your choice of technology. The platform can access data sources from multiple vendors, in multiple versions, on multiple systems and in multiple languages. Are you a .NET shop? No worries. Java fan? Easy. Whatever your technology infrastructure looks like, Uniface fits right in.

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Uniface Professional Services helped us expand the user experience of our application through a thorough functional analysis and pragmatic enhancements and recommendations.

Seppo Karhunen,
CGI (Logica), Finland


A rich, active user community and team of professional services experts offers experience, best practices and proven methodologies.

Uniface's Delivery Group and highly active user community provide a constant source of expertise, information and ideas to business leaders and developers. With Uniface, you're never without resources on how to translate business problems into flexible, long-lasting and maintainable solutions efficiently and cost-effectively.

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For more than 15 years, we have enjoyed a close and stable relationship with the Uniface team. We’ve always been highly satisfied with their attentiveness and responsiveness to our needs.

Jean-Baptiste Feray,
Proges-Plus, France

PartnersUnited Program

Reach business goals with a best-in-class partners program that drives a shared approach to business success.

PartnersUnited is designed to help partners do more and sell more by extending their reach across markets and into high-growth areas while offering members a global network to uncover opportunities and find new growth avenues.